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Tung Nam Lou Hotel

Hotel · Coworking Space · Art Space · Art Shop · Art Pub
Tung Nam Lou Hotel, is a composite space that brings together a hotel, workspace - ‘Heritage Cowork’, Art Pub ‘room68’ and ‘TUNG NAM HERITAGE’ Art Shop, where both locals and travellers from all walks of life meet and explore as in a melting pot.
Tung Nam Lou Hotel Tung Nam Lou Hotel
General Information
Address : 68 Portland Street,
Yau Ma Tei,
Hong Kong
Tel : +852 37087788
Email :
Website :
Nearest MTR station : Yau Ma Tei

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Food & Beverage Outlet
Outlet id Outlet Name Capacity Cuisine Type Remarks
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Accessible Facilities

Accessible lobby area / Main entrance , Accessible rooms , Lift with audible announcement system / Braille button

General Amenities and Facilities

Bar & lounge , Business centre , Coffee shop , Conference and meeting facilities , Electrical adaptor on request , Non-smoking rooms

In-room Amenities and Facilities

Free WiFi , Hair dryer , Tea & coffee making facilities , Toiletries , TV

MICE Amenities and Facilities

Complimentary Wi-Fi , Conference and meeting facilities , LED screen/wall , Outside catering allowed , Video conference Tele-conference

South Room room68 Music Art Room Hotel Reception East Room Hotel Entrance
Floor Plan
How to Get There

From Hong Kong International Airport: 1. Airport Express Train (from Airport to Kowloon Station in around 25 minutes) / HK$105 per person for Adult + taxi to Tung Nam Lou Hotel in around 15 minutes (Approximately HK$40-60). Taxis can drop you off right in front of the hotel entrance. 2. Cityflyer (Citybus): Route A20/A21 alighting at Man Ming Lane, Nathan Road. (Walking Distance: 5 minutes; Fare: HK$33; Duration: 78-85 minutes) 3. Taxis will cost approximately HK$270-300 per trip and takes about 30 minutes to the hotel entrance.