Tai O

Tai O is a fishing village on the western side of Lantau Island, known for its striking stilt houses. These homes or pang uks are a unique part of village life and nowadays some families are still living there. In Tai O, such traditional life as making shrimp paste, salted egg and fish, is evident at every turn. This is a place where your group can learn about another fascinating side to Hong Kong, a rural lifestyle that was once the mainstay of the city’s industry.

Tai O is home to two opportunities for some staff development.  The Shaolin Wushu Culture Centre offers a variety of martial arts courses that have been used in team-building exercises. Nearby, the Tai O Cultural and Ecological Integrated Resource Centre of the Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association directs a range of Corporate Social Responsibility programmes, often with a cultural preservation theme.

Tel No.: (852) 2985 6310
Email: cerc@ywca.org.hk
Website: cerc.ywca.org.hk
Address: G/F, 61-63 Wing On Street, Tai O, Lantau Island, Hong Kong
Tel No.: (852) 2985 8338
Email: info@shaolincc.org.hk
Website: www.shaolincc.org.hk
Address: Shek Tsai Po, Tai O, Lantau Island, Hong Kong