International Conference on Emergency Medicine 2014

Hosted by the International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM), the International Conference on Emergency Medicine (ICEM) brings together the latest techniques, products and best practices from and to those dedicated to saving lives.

Each year, leading emergency medical practitioners from across the globe gather at the event to share their latest approaches, and learn about those being taken in other parts of the world. ICEM also serves as a forum for medical equipment makers to showcase the latest life-saving devices and training apparatus.

The growing acceptance of Eastern traditional medical practices in the West was a major driver behind the decision to host the conference in Asia. Likewise, the continued appetite from emerging Asian countries to adopt practices used in Europe and the United States made it a key imperative to find a location naturally suited to bridging the gap between East and West.  

As such, Hong Kong quickly emerged as the ideal choice. The city is centrally located in Asia, and boasts a strong British colonial heritage that has helped foster an environment familiar to those from the West.

At the same time, the city offers world-class transportation, accommodation and event facilities—factors that helped it seal the deal for ICEM 2014.

The result was an impressive 2,200-strong list of attendees, 260 of whom delivered papers at the event. ICEM 2014 was also well attended by medical equipment makers, many of whom secured new customers on site. 

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“As an American company, having the event in Hong Kong makes it very easy to communicate – that’s a big plus for us.” 

Greg Fulton Stryker

“I really have to praise the facilities in Hong Kong. They’re amazing.” 

Dr. Attor Mohammed Consultant, Emergency Medicine, Warwick

“Hong Kong is one of the most interesting places in Asia. It attracts people and ideas from across the region.” 

Dr. Ramesh Kumar Maharjan MBBS, MD, DM Emergency Medicine Resident

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