International Trademark Association Annual Meeting (INTA) 2014

The International Trademark Association’s Annual Meeting is the world’s foremost discussion forum for members of the global trademark community. Thus, finding a city capable of facilitating such an event, but more importantly helping bring to light the latest issues in the intellectual property world, are essential.

At the same time, the organisation was looking to create an opportunity for its members from the West to engage with and learn from Asian practitioners, academics and government officials. As such, finding a location within the region was imperative.

Hong Kong, with its common law legal system and close proximity to mainland China – what many regard as the next frontier for intellectual property developments – quickly emerged as the city of choice. The city’s thriving legal services industry was also a strong selling point, as were its wealth of entertainment options and English-speaking population.

The success of the Annual Meeting far exceeded expectations. Over 8,500 delegates attended, making it the largest INTA event outside of the United States in the Association’s history. Thanks to the decision to host the event in Hong Kong, INTA members from around the world were able to easily travel to and around the location, thereby greatly facilitating their meetings and communication with their Asian counterparts.

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“Hong Kong is traditionally known as the gateway between East and West, so we felt that it was very appropriate for bringing together the global brand community.” 

Mei-lan Stark 2014 President, International Trademark Association;
Senior Vice President, Intellectual Property,
Fox Entertainment Group

“It’s a great pleasure for us to be in Hong Kong. When I go back home I will be able to speak to my clients more clearly about what’s happening in China.” 

Ege Mutlu Attorney at Law, Diş Patent

“The centre’s facilities are very well integrated with the town… It’s all connected.” 

Shivindra Pratap Singh Managing Director, Lancers

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