13th World Harp Congress

13th World Harp Congress: A Journey From West To East


‘A Journey from West to East’ is a theme that speaks for itself for the 13th World Harp Congress, held in Hong Kong from 7–13 July. The city beat a few European classical music hubs for the hosting right, making Hong Kong the first Asian destination to bring over 900 of the world's top performers, academics, composers and enthusiasts from over 36 countries and regions to the event.

Hong Kong, a city with an East-meets-West DNA itself, provided the perfect meeting stage for this truly multi-national sensation, welcoming global delegates for a week-long exchange in the language of music. The city’s superb connectivity and infrastructure made it easy to bring over 100 types of harps from Europe, United States and China. The city’s unique venues, love for music and nightlife also inspire harpists to perform at multiple venues including The Hong Kong Academy for Performing ArtsHong Kong Cultural CentreHong Kong City Hall, hotels and dining venues.

Let’s hear why Hong Kong is the perfect spot for hosting the 13th World Harp Congress:

“We chose Hong Kong because it’s a gateway to China, and even Asia. It’s able to attract people in the region where harp is becoming more popular. Hong Kong to me is like a symphony orchestra that has so many contrasts and interesting far-ranging sounds, it has everything!”
Kathy Kienzle
Chairman of World Harp Congress

“Hong Kong is a great melting pot, I always love Hong Kong because of its incredible mix of culture…if I were to describe Hong Kong as an instrument, it would be harp, because it has so many strings!”  
Xavier de Maistre
world famous French harpist