ISI World Statistics Congress 2013

The International Statistical Institute (ISI), one of the world’s oldest scientific trade associations, needed a city in which to host its 2013 World Statistics Congress. 

With the focus of the biennial conference being knowledge exchange, it was imperative that the city be home to vibrant academic and scientific communities that were willing to participate in and help organise the event. The destination also needed to offer sightseeing opportunities and a tourist-friendly immigration policy. 

In light of these requirements, the ISI felt that Hong Kong would make for the ideal location, particularly as far as audience and organisation-efforts were concerned. The city’s visa-free access and wealth of tourist and entertainment attractions were also deciding factors. 

The decision proved to be a wise one, with the conference attracting over 2,500 attendees. The Congress’s scientific programme featured as many as 1,400 paper presentations, and overseas delegates all enjoyed their stays in the city. 


“With Hong Kong we were very successful at attracting top class scientists, because they all wanted to spend their time at the Congress, as well as outside for entertainment and sightseeing.”

Jae Chang Lee President, International Statistical Institute

“To host the conference we really needed a commitment – both financially and also in terms of manpower – which the Hong Kong government made. That, by itself, is a clear sign of support for professional bodies such as ours.”

Xuming He Chair, WSC Scientific Programme Committee

“From all the reactions we had from the participants, I can only say that we had a wonderful time… the city of Hong Kong offered everything we wanted.”

Ada Van Krimpen Director, International Statistical Institute

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