Showcase with Success

  • You want to host an effective and energetic exhibition that puts exhibitors in touch with the world’s most robust markets. At the same time, you want to enjoy an easy setup, plenty of professional support services, and the chance to impress attendees with a vibrant city backdrop. Hong Kong has this compelling combination of attributes, making it the perfect platform to showcase to Mainland China and the world with ease and expertise, and earning its recognition as the trade fair capital of Asia.

    Strategic Location: Hong Kong’s strategic positioning in the heart of Asia makes it the perfect place for exhibitions to showcase to the world’s fastest-growing markets. The city’s world-leading international airport serves flights to and from 200 worldwide destinations, with half the world’s population located within five hours of flying time.

    Gateway to Mainland China: Located on China’s southeast coast, Hong Kong places exhibitors within direct reach of the Mainland’s busiest manufacturing hubs. Close to 800 flights take off every week between Hong Kong and the Mainland, and the two locations enjoy an active and efficient economic relationship, making showcasing to the world’s second-largest economy an effortless process.

    Superb Infrastructure: With state-of-the-art venues and over 310 hotels, Hong Kong accommodates exhibitions of every taste and budget. Its award-winning airport and advanced transportation network ensure attendees navigate the city with ease and convenience. Constant expansion projects continue to bring international competiveness to every exhibition held in Hong Kong. 

    Dynamic Business Environment: Hong Kong’s ‘East meets West’ mindset blends the best of Chinese and Western values, and ensures a truly international approach to business. The city’s free and fair trade environment, low tax rate, zero import tax on exhibits, comprehensive legal system, and protective intellectual property legislation, offer exhibitors unparalleled advantages.

    Professional Support: The Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Industry Association encompasses over 100 companies ready to provide support services, while the city’s expansive web of educated professionals offer decades of experience and know-how to make your exhibition a stand-out on the world stage. 

    Endless Experience: Hong Kong’s enormous selection of dining, shopping, sightseeing and entertainment options around each venue create a colourful backdrop to every exhibition held in the city. Experiencing a taste of Hong Kong’s unique lifestyle makes participants leave the city not just ahead in business, but with plenty of positive personal memories as well.

    Proven Track Record: Hong Kong has long been a world leader in exhibitions. Over 100 top trade fairs are held in the city every year, which collectively attract hundreds of thousands of delegates from the Mainland, and millions of attendees from across the globe. Many of which are the largest of their kind in Asia and UFI-approved*.

    *Exhibitions must meet strict criteria regarding quality and reputation to obtain the seal of approval from UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry.