Let your team find inner peace in bustling Hong Kong. Wait…how?

Breathe, relax, and find your balance. The world needs to rediscover inner peace to feel alive especially when health is a topmost concern globally. How to find inner peace in bustling Hong Kong buzzing with commercial activities?

See and hear it for yourself in the latest HKTB ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) videos. Let the symphony of birdsongs, lapping waves of pristine water mingled with the tastes and colours of tradition guide you on a discovery of Hong Kong’s hidden gems in nature and culture. Come and experience in person the nature therapy in your next visit to Hong Kong, an ideal destination for connecting people and opportunities, as well as amazing nature.

Surprising treats for the senses await at Hong Kong’s Great Outdoors

Here are a few best-kept secrets about Hong Kong that will challenge the stereotype – nearly 70% of the city’s total area is countryside and mountains, and 263 outlying islands dot the city’s waters.

These great outdoor assets, easily accessible within compact Hong Kong, open up a world of spirit-lifting ideas to enrich any incentive and team-building programmes, as well as pre-and post-event excursions for conferences and conventions.

Plenty of spirit-lifting ideas for every season

Summer is the best time to take on water sports, such as snorkelling in the various calm and shallow coastal waters that are just a short sampan-ride from the shore, or kayaking, dragon boating and raft building to enjoy team camaraderie, or marvelling up close at the wondrous rock formation of the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark.

In cooler months, go hiking to find inspiration in the changing colours of nature. There are dozens of hiking trails, country parks and nature attractions that suit different preferences and capabilities. Bring your team together for an outdoor challenge running from checkpoint to checkpoint across island trails in Tai O or Lantau, or take a leisurely hike at the Bride’s Pool to discover mesmerising waterfalls cascading through dense woodlands. Meditate about life’s possibilities through forest-bathing at the soothing sound of the Ng Tung Chai Waterfalls at the foothill of Hong Kong’s tallest mountain Tai Mo Shan. Clear your mind of worldly troubles in the idyllic yet safe settings of county parks such as the Shing Mun Reservoir.

All year round, island hopping, beach-combing or sand castle-building make for great team building activities and excursions. Sparsely populated outlying island such as Peng Chau, Po Toi Island and Tung Ping Chau are like live museums preserving the lifestyle and tastes evoking the city’s quintessential history.

Go seek, and you and your teammates shall find inner peace in nature and tranquil corners that you might not know exist in Hong Kong.