Mainland Corporate x Trade Workshop Demonstrates Hong Kong Style

An authentic Hong Kong experience would not be complete without a cup of Hong Kong-style milk tea, so we’ve invited 2016 International KamCha Champion Chef Chi-Ping to offer everyone a taste of one of the city’s favourite beverages.

In its latest initiative, Meetings and Exhibitions Hong Kong (MEHK) hosted the ‘2017 MICE Workshop’ in Guangzhou on 4-5 May. More than 70 corporate and trade partners from the direct selling, telecommunication, pharmaceutical and financial sectors participated, making it the city’s largest-ever workshop in China to drive the MICE business in Southern China.

To align with HKTB’s latest ‘Best of all, it’s in Hong Kong’ campaign,  the event showcased Hong Kong’s latest venues, experiences and MICE resources in town, with an interactive presentation and team-building ideas built around attractions in town. Participants were particularly impressed by the dazzling variety of MICE ideas, including the upgraded Hong Kong Rewards! programme.

Contact our MEHK team to check out what other unique venues and experiences Hong Kong has in store, and discover how Hong Kong Rewards! offers even more exciting privileges that take your corporate events to new heights!