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By The Park

By The Park is designed to bring you back to 1960's old Hong Kong and let you live in a classical "Tong Lau" (literally "Chinese Residential Building" ).

The staircase is original and has restored 1960s-style floor tiles. The raw concrete walls were kept as is, as well as the original stone railings. We tried to alter as little of this historical building as possible.

The utensils in every room are as close to the original as possible like traditional Chinese calendar with almanac, mechanical alarm clock, spittoon, 60's hair dryer, old Chinese style cups, teapot and mug, classical telephone set etc.
By The Park
General Information
Address : Flat 501, 5/F, Tai Ping Industrial Centre Block 4,
51A Ting Kok Road,
Tai Po,
New Territories,
Hong Kong
Tel : +852 28381109
Fax : 28382252
Email :
Website :

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General Amenities and Facilities

Laundry / Valet , Restaurants

In-room Amenities and Facilities

Hair dryer , Iron & ironing board , Tea & coffee making facilities

General - Twin Room General - Single Room
How to Get There

Take AEL to Hong Kong station and then transfer to the Island Line to Wan Chai Station(Exit A3). The hotel is about 5 minutes walk away.