La Rose Noire

Hong Kong Disneyland cooks up a storm for catering firm's 20th anniversary party

When La Rose Noire celebrated its 20th anniversary by launching its latest Passion cookbook, the Business Solutions and Events team at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort happily assembled all the ingredients the leading local caterer needed for an unforgettable enchanting evening.

Held in May 2011, the event was attended by 200 top chefs who regularly organise major events themselves, so it was vital that the resort’s food and entertainment offerings were truly extraordinary. A band of skilled actors and musicians wowed the party-goers by cooking up surprise after surprise all evening.

The fun began long before guests arrived the resort with a 90-minute Pirates of the Caribbean-themed cruise. Cap’n Jack Sparrow and two hearty henchmen subsequently led guests in sing-alongs and happily got their cutlasses out for souvenir snaps. After mingling over drinks and more photo-taking in the Gazebo of Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, everyone entered the Cinderella Ballroom where they discovered an array of food stalls containing a world of gourmet treats.

Specially decked out in La Rose Noire-themed black roses and gold drapes, the atmosphere generated much appreciative "oohing" and "aahing" from guests, as did the masquerade dancers, harlequin stilt walkers and jugglers who entertained everyone while they ate.

"The challenge of creating a night capable of impressing world renowned chefs who see spectacular events on an almost daily basis was massive," said Mr. Gerard Du Bois, President of La Rose Noire. "Happily, Hong Kong Disneyland delivered on every level. My thanks to the management and staff for such wonderful food, service and entertainment. There is nowhere in Hong Kong better at making dreams come true than the Cinderella Ballroom!"