It's a goal! Ngong Ping 360 scores with international football fans

International brewer Heineken throws annual Star Final parties in different countries to celebrate the final match of the UEFA Champions League, one of the world's most prestigious tournaments. With Barcelona playing Manchester United, the 2011 final promised to be a historic match.

To mark the occasion, Heineken asked regional events organiser Luminous Asia to organise a celebration in Hong Kong for more than 150 guests drawn from Europe, the Middle East and the US. The visitors experienced a different side of Hong Kong with a half-day excursion to Lantau Island. Following a visit to Po Lin Monastery and the Giant Buddha, the guests moved to Ngong Ping Village to enjoy an imaginative mini-football event – a light-hearted penalty shoot-out.

For the Ngong Ping 360 hospitality team, the challenge was to decorate Ngong Ping Village Square in corporate Heineken colours, set up a goal-mouth for the penalty shoot-out, and provide Heineken-branded drinks kiosks around the square. On a sweltering summer afternoon, a priority was to ensure that the Heineken beer and other drinks were kept ice-cold to refresh the penalty shooters and onlookers.

Star of the afternoon was renowned Spanish striker Fernando Morientes, who kicked off the event and demonstrated the footie skills that took him to the top at Real Madrid. The guests revelled in the occasion, drinking the afternoon away and trying out their own footie skills at the penalty shoot-out.

For the record, Barcelona won the UEFA Champions League 3-1. As to the winner of the Ngong Ping penalty shoot-out, history is silent.