Business-Friendly Environment

Hong Kong makes hospitality, convenience and professionalism its business. A global trendsetter in business and leisure, Hong Kong’s robust economy, world-class infrastructure and facilities, international mindset and vibrant culture make it the only MICE destination in Asia to tick every box.

A free market

Hong Kong’s open-market policies and free flow of information give it a local business edge with global appeal, allowing event participants to make the most of its low tax rate, zero customs tariff on imported and exported goods, minimal licensing, sound legal and judicial system, and protective intellectual property legislation. The Hong Kong dollar is a freely convertible currency that’s pegged to the US dollar, and can be easily exchanged at banks, hotels and foreign exchange shops.

Hong Kong has been ranked at the top of The Fraser Institute’s ‘World’s Freest Economy’ list since the inception of the report^.

A welcoming, world city

English is widely spoken in Hong Kong – especially in business – and citizens from about 170 countries and territories can stay between 7 and 180 days without the hassle of a visa. Reliable and advanced telecommunications keep our visitors hooked up to the world, with Wi-Fi and broadband internet readily available across town.

Asia's financial hub

Hong Kong provides a fertile environment for investment and trading. Located at the heart of Asia, Hong Kong is fully plugged into the round-the-clock global financial trading cycle, providing seamless connectivity with major financial hubs in Europe, North America, Middle East and across Asia, including Mainland China. Hong Kong is ranked as one of the Top 5 Global Financial Centres* by The Global Financial Centres Index and is reckoned as one of the Top 3 Most Competitive Economies# in the Global Competitiveness Report by the World Economic Forum.

The best of both worlds

The true definition of ‘East meets West’, Hong Kong’s dynamic business culture is a unification of its enterprising Chinese roots and international influence. As a world centre of trade with a highly motivated workforce of educated professionals, Hong Kong takes a truly global approach to business that encourages networking, knowledge exchange, and the forging of new partnerships.

^up to 2022
*up to Sep 2022

#up to 2019