What Our Clients Say

Hear about how Hong Kong’s world-leading solutions have taken many MICE events to unparalleled heights.

“Hong Kong is a place where east meets west. The infrastructure, the culture and welcoming environment make it ideal for mainland participants to come for exchange. In terms of attendance scale, this event has far exceeded any past conferences in the region."

Professor Dong-yan Zhao Peking University

Hotel Investment Conference Asia Pacific 2019

"It is a very hospitable city with wonderful venues and partners. We are here to get the word out that Hong Kong is a dynamic and safe environment. There’s no reason not to come."

Thomas L. Kemp Chairman and CEO, Northstar Travel Group

Digital Media Asia 2019

“Hong Kong is an amazing city. It has great connectivity, as there are a lot of link connections between Hong Kong and the rest of the world.  Hong Kong is an amazing place to visit for business, for sightseeing and for being with the family."

Georgina Ferri Tordera Chief Revenue and Innovation Officer, ARA, Spain

Trade Fairs in Hong Kong Full of Buyers and Deal-making
"Based on my experience, they should not be worried about coming to Hong Kong. All the time we've been here now, it's been very peaceful, very well organized and very safe."

Kenneth Scarratt Bahrain Institute for Pearls and Gemstones Danat, Exhibitor (Bahrain) of September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair 2019

A Positive Start to Trade Fair Season in Hong Kong in Sep 2019

“I feel really safe and it's really good to see all of my friends and see they are okay and it's not as bad as it plays out on the news."

Susanna Lumley Owner, Sockeye Suzy’s Fish Exhibitor (USA) of Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong 2019

Trade Buyers Flock to Hong Kong's Sourcing Trade Fairs
"If you want to go to Hong Kong to do business being a buyer or being a seller, it is a totally nice experience. Also, I can suggest that if you go to Hong Kong, be cheerful, be happy and there's no nothing to scare about."

Kumar Saurabh Director, Libi Technologies, Exhibitor (India) of HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2019 – Autumn Edition
Taiwan’s Largest Grocery Chain Rewards with the Best of Hong Kong

2018 PX Mart Incentive Trip

“We truly appreciate the support from the Hong Kong Tourism Board and trade partners."

ZHENG Da Zhi Vice President, Chuan Lian Enterprise Co., Ltd. (PX Mart)