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Hear about how Hong Kong’s world-leading solutions have taken many MICE events to unparalleled heights.

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Hong Kong Welcomed Over 50 Top MICE Agents to Celebrate Success in 2016

2016 Top MICE Agent Awards

“Hong Kong is always amazing, always beautiful…I believe this [shrimp cracker tea pairing] is a very new experience, we never taste it before.”

Andy Gunawan PT WIM Tour & Travel


“Hong Kong, with its geographic location and ease of access in terms of visa requirements, was a very good choice for us.”

Alec Saunders Vice President, Developer Relations & Ecosystem, BlackBerry


“It is very rare that you would be able to find such a good ecosystem of not only excellent venues, but also the professionalism of the industry — It’s top-notch.”

Anh Tuan Nguyen Business Development Manager, Kenes MP Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore


“Hong Kong is a very meeting-friendly city. We really felt that this would be a great destination for our first Great Ideas Conference.”

John Graham President & CEO, ASAE


“Hong Kong has a lot of experiences in terms of hospitality. The contribution, advice and the efforts provided by the Hong Kong Tourism Board is very vital to the success of ICEM 2014.”

Axel Siu Chairman of the Organising Committee of ICEM 2014


“This city is very easy to reach. The modern side of the city but also the Chinese tradition, certainly the fact that Hong Kong is a gateway to Asia and an IP hub.”

Etienne Sanz de Acedo CEO, International Trademark Association


“When we asked people to come from all over the world, you have to offer them a destination that they want to go to, and Hong Kong will never disappoint.”

Jimmy Wales Founder, Wikipedia Foundation


“We look at how vibrant the local wine industry is. We also look at how easy it is to access the location for delegates travelling and exhibitors bringing in wines from different parts of the world.”

Pancho Campo President, Wine Academy of Spain



“Hong Kong is centrally located, the hotels and all other infrastructure are all very nice, it’s all good for our attendees.”

Jeff Jortner President, ACM SIGGRAPH

Vitafoods Asia
“Potential visitors from around 160 countries can get in without needing a visa, which is crucial to the whole process.”

Chris Lee Portfolio Director of Informa Exhibitions organiser of Vitafoods Asia